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Mesquite, Texas is another one of our bread and butter cities. We sell many properties in this area because it is a growing area and there are many profitable rentals.

Mesquite is a city located within the Dallas/Ft.Worth area of Texas. As of the 2010 census, the population was 139,824.

Public schools

Mesquite Independent School District provides primary and secondary (K-12) education to most areas of Mesquite. A small portion of Mesquite is served by Dallas Independent School District While another small area in Kaufman County is within the Forney Independent School District the section has no residents. Mesquite also serves an area of Balch Springs

Mesquite is home to five public high schools: Mesquite High School, North Mesquite High School, West Mesquite High School, Poteet High School, John Horn High School. In 2001 the Mesquite Skeeters high school football team won the 5A Division 1 State Championship.